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Long-term Exhibitions


Alongside the permanent exhibition the Horácká Gallery offers visitors two additional long-term exhibitions:


Jiří Vašica – Sochařovy sny

The long-term exhibition Sochařovy sny by sculptor Jiří Vašica is located in the Chateau’s cellar. The exhibition is composed of 5 pieces from the gallery’s collection, and an additional two lent by the author. The delicately carved rotating stone objects create the illusion of levitating stones. The viewer is not only permitted to touch the display, but actively encouraged to set it in motion.


Jaroslav Svoboda – Selected works

Since 2014 the chateau attic has been home to the retrospective exhibition of glassmaker Jaroslav Svoboda. The exhibition is a loose continuation of the artist’s 2014 exhibition Skleněný svět in Bratislava, in the formation of which the Horácká Gallery took part. The body of work is composed of pieces created for glassmaking symposiums and other pieces from the author’s collection, these being made by Jaroslav Svoboda both before 1989 in the Škrdlovice glassworks, and later pieces from his private glassworks in Karlov.